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Circular tour of Spain, French Riviera and Alps

Can you see the face in this old olive tree ?

The view from Priscilla’s door on the campsite in Moraira—sunny, 20°C—perfick!

Camping Moraira was nicely shaded and we were in the company of Danes, Dutch, Germans and French all enjoying the spring sunshine.

The facilities were good and we took the opportunity to do the laundry!


Priscilla was a bit on the large side for the site but we managed to squeeze in and out

One of the more sought after properties in Moraira.  Caroline asked a local  estate agent how often they came on the market and their asking price?

The reply was virtually never and whatever the owner decides to ask for!

You can see why!

Le Portet just around the bay from Moraira—an ideal place to walk to for lunch—so we did.

Desnée and our good friends, Bob and Caroline, getting their feet wet in Le Portet

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Fishing boats on the shore at Le Barcares, France

Replica of a traditional fishing village at Le Barcares beach

Relaxing on site at Port Grimaud, France.  Hot and sunny but The Mistral kept it breezy!

View from our window of Grimaud village, on the hill, with its XIth century, ruined castle.

One of the many lovely waterways in Port Grimaud. Most of the yachts were larger than the owners houses.