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Time to get away before the school summer holidays begin.  This time we were off to Wales. The weather was sunny but still cold at night.  We headed for the Gower peninsular and later the Pembrokeshire Coast.

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Sandy bays and rocky cliffs of Gower

Worms Head


Only accessible at low tide via a causeway. The causeway is open 2.5 hrs either side of low water and there are clear warnings that no attempt should be made to cross once the water rises as there are strong tidal currents.


Note the beautiful blue sky and the hole in the rocks.

The dunes and a view of Worms Head from Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay


Blue sky, white sand and miles of empty beach

Everywhere was a beautiful display of foxgloves.

Look a little closer and the ground was covered in wild flowers, moths and insects.

Three old wrecks examine the remains of one that is even older.


Only the wooden bow of this old sailing ship remains together with  a few ribs sticking out of the sand.

It wasn’t all walking and cycling!


Here are Keith and Fran on their motorised wheels.

Some days you just have to chill out and take in the Sun while your other half gets on with those little jobs around the home!

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