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Our first stop was at Woodland Waters at Ancaster (just south of Lincoln).  These Gatherings are a twice annual event that we organise. One in the UK in May and one in Europe in October. Here we meet up with many other Carthago people and have a really enjoyable weekend.  Click on the button to see the May 2009 event:

May and June are usually pleasant months to go travelling. Warmer weather, longer evenings and quiet before the school summer holidays. In May we headed up to Lincoln for one of our Carthago Owners UK meetings, then we went on north east to Northumbria. We returned to Worthing for a wedding at the end of May and then went north west to visit the west coast and islands of Scotland, onward to the very north coast and then down the eastern side.  We only had one rainy day and the scenery throughout the entire trip was simply spectacular. However, it was not as quiet as we had expected. The recession has keep UK campers at home whilst the poor euro exchange rate for us has made UK very attractive for our camping friends from the Continent.

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May 2009

Whilst in Lincoln area we took an excursion into the city. We were surprised how hilly it was. The old town is well worth a visit and of course, the Cathedral.

We were pleasantly surprised how beautiful parts of Lincolnshire are. We had always expected it to be flat and boring.  May be parts are but around the city are some wonderful villages. We vowed to return sometime.

Next stop was Beamish near Gateshead.  This open air museum is spread over a much larger area than we had expected.  You can walk around the whole park but it is much easier to take one of the trams from place to place.  We found the day extremely interesting as we had a wonderful insight into Victorian life.

The day we visited it was pretty quiet and we were able to explore at leisure.  A great day out if you are in the area.

Here are just some of the many Victorian rooms that you can visit in the town.

The local garage stores department

The town railway station and goods shed

Take a ride on the early railways

Of course, no visit to Gateshead is complete without a visit the Angel of the North.  Impressive when you get up close and personal!    Like the Angel of the South (below).

Just a bit further north is Hadrians Wall. Our next stop. The wall is not as impressive as you might imagine but still very prominent as it sweeps across the hills.  Considering it’s age it has stood up remarkably well to the English climate.  The stonework is of a very high standard.

We also visited one of the Roman forts and it was interesting to see the stonework involved in providing under floor heating. Very necessary in the winter!

See below, the floor flag stones laid on top of short stone pillars. The hot air from the fire was blown in through the hole on the right.

On northward into Northumbria  and a visit to Holy Island and Lindisfarne.  You have several hours to spend on Holy Island before you must return across the causeway to avoid the incoming tide. 

Lindisfarne castle (left) and Abbey ruins (above centre distance) and (below)

Upturned herring boats make ideal fishermen’s huts or family homes. george and desnee