France again !

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France again in September but this time George was on his own to go to the Carthago Owners meeting in Montsoreau on the Loire.   Desnée stayed at home as it was very soon after her operation on her tummy and probably more important, we were awaiting the birth of Jody and Sammie’s identical twins,  Eleanor and Fearne.  


As it turned out the twins did not arrive until George returned to the UK—but that’s the way it is!

Eleanor (left) 5lb 7oz

Fearne (right) 6lb 7oz



26th September 2010

You can see the photos of the Carthago Owners UK meeting in Montsoreau on our Carthago Owners website.


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As you can tell, the owners meeting was a great success and once again we were lucky with sunny weather. It was a very hectic weekend and George was run ragged without Desnée’s help.  These events are always enjoyable.  It is lovely to meet up with so many old friends ( we are now in our 3rd year ) and to make new friendships with like minded people who had not joined us in previous years.

This year was truly international.  Not only did we have Carthago Owners from UK but also English people who now live in France and a couple who live in Spain.  We were also joined by a couple from Germany who had read about our meeting on our website and came along to join in.


Just a few weeks back in England and we were off again to Germany and Austria.

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