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We had been invited to return to southern Germany by RMC Ostalb whose Abcampen meeting we came across last year. “Bring your friends” they said.

Our friends Keith and Frances said that they had not visited southern Germany nor Austria.  We invited them to join us.  “We only have two weeks available” they told us!  So, we had a mad dash from UK to Austria and back in two weeks!


The French were in strike mode and so we modified our route to take us via Belgium.  It seemed like a good plan at the time but the route around Bruxelles in the rush hour was horrendous!  It turned out to be a day of motorway traffic jams.


We intended to stop for our first night at Villatoile campsite, near Dinant, on the river Meuse. Our GPS took us down some very narrow roads to reach the site and when we got there it looked closed up for winter and very gloomy. The area very picturesque and the river valleys were dramatic but we were a bit tired to appreciate them and it was getting dark. We drove on and stopped in the village of Anseremme to make plans much to the horror of local residents who suddenly had two large motorhomes park up outside their small terraced houses.

We telephoned another local (20km away) campsite who assured us he was open and made our way there. We arrived in darkness, pitched up and had a well deserved beer and dinner before collapsing into bed.  It was cold that night and a portent of the weather to come!


Picture of Dinant (right) taken from Internet.

The following morning dawned rather wet and foggy but soon cleared up as we started travelling. Soon after leaving we found signs saying that our route was restricted by a low bridge only 3m clearance!  We stopped to plan an alternative route and asked the advice of a local farmer who assured us we would go under the bridge as it was arched and plenty of clearance in the middle.  When we arrived at the bridge we were not so sure he was right but we managed to squeeze under without any problem.  The weather improved and we enjoyed a pleasant journey through the Ardennes, on good roads, into Luxembourg.

It was in Luxembourg city that we lost Keith and Fran. But hey, they had GPS, they knew the address of the campsite we were going to, so no problem.

We arrived at Kueser Werth campsite in Bernkastel.  A beautiful spot right alongside the Moselle. We were stopping for two nights. We pitched up, put the kettle on and had a cuppa!  Surely, Keith and Fran would be here any minute?  After half an hour Desnée said “you had better phone them”. “We are nearly there” was the response, “we are just along the river from you”.  Two hours later they did arrive, after driving up and down both sides of the Moselle chasing a postcode in their GPS which, unlike British postcodes, covered a very wide area. They did enjoy their cup of tea when they eventually arrived!


Next day, out with the bicycles and off into Bernkastel, a beautiful town on the Moselle.  It was sunny but cold. Just a glance in a few shops and the girls were on a shopping spree!


A rather interesting piece of artwork outside the old station at Bernkastel

Bernkastel and the Moselle.   Plenty of tour boats to take you out on this beautiful river.

Our next stop was to be on a stellplatze at Bacharach on the river Rhine.  We had originally intended to drive down the Moselle valley to Koblenz and then turn south up the Rhine but Keith and Fran felt that they had overdosed on the Moselle the previous evening and so it was agreed that we would go directly across country to Bacharach the next day.


It was a short journey and we arrived in Bacharach around lunchtime to be confronted with yet another narrow archway and lovely cobbled streets which felt particularly narrow in a motorhome.  The stellplatze was in a spectacular location right alongside the Rhine and it was prudent to arrive early because it was full by late afternoon.


The town of Bacharach is charming and it was just a shame that it was not sunny.  It is an old walled town but much of the wall has now disappeared although some of the towers remain.

Bacharach—the only way in!

Desnée makes a new friend !

Bacharach—main street


The stellplatze is behind the church on the riverbank

Bacharach—behind the main street!


We enjoyed some food and a cuppa in a rather quaint and very old restaurant in the main street.

A one night stop in Bacharach and then on east and south to join up with the Romantische Strasse which would take us into southern Germany and our next night’s stop over at Dinkelsbühl.


Time for a map!


Outward:   Dinant = 3,  Bernkastel = 7,  Bacharach = 13,  Dinkelsbuhl = 21,  Zell am Ziller = 23.


Return:   Fussen  =  25,  Landsberg am Lech = 26,  Ringlesmühle = 28,  Annweiler = 35,  Jabbeke = 36


(The in between numbers are just for route planning)

Dinkelsbühl is another lovely, old walled town and one of many that can be found along the Romantische Strasse. 

The weather was still rainy and grey as we arrived at the stellplatze.  This stellplatze was managed by the local campsite and was a short walk out of town.  The over night fee was €10 and this included unmetered, 16 amp electricity.  A good stop over.

Walked across a river bridge and through a tower gateway into town but most places were closed up.  We enjoyed an evening meal in one of the local restaurants, quite posh,  rather than cooking in the motorhome.

Dinkelsbühl  town centre on a wet Saturday evening with a view of one of the towers of the town walls

Wet, cold and hungry motorhomers !


 —— and another view Dinkelsbühl’s main street and a diffent gateway tower.

The following day was intended to be a long drive to Zell am Ziller in Austria and visiting the Euro Coaster in Imst en route. The Euro Coaster is an amazing, mountain roller coaster that we visited a couple of years ago and we were keen to ride it again. However, the cloud was low and it was drizzly and cold. So, we decided that the Euro Coaster would not be a very enjoyable experience and to head straight for Zell am Ziller via the Fernpass.   It was a long day in poor conditions but the weather looked as if it was going to improve for our three night stop at Zell am Ziller—one of our favourite locations.

Camping Hofer,  Zell am Ziller.


A beautiful location.


Friendly, helpful owners


English spoken

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